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    Racing, and the adventure of off road competition, is in Bowler's DNA.

    Racing, and the adventure of off road competition, is in Bowler’s DNA.

    With Bowler’s acclaimed cars having competed in countless national rally and Rally Raid races globally, and the Bowler Factory team achieving numerous racing successes over the years, the company is understandably proud of its motorsport accolades and the unrivalled performance, safety and durability of its legendary Rally Raid cars across extreme terrains and the harshest of environments.

    From the frozen tundra of Russia, to the baking heat of the world’s deserts, alongside the pioneering of the Defender Challenge UK series, Bowler has lead the way in driver training and facilitating the experience and enjoyment of many incredible off road feats, with Bowler cars and technicians powering customers from around the world to achieve their racing and adventure goals and ambitions.